Monday, April 26, 2010

My pants are too small!

For some reason I thought I would be blessed by the pregnancy gods. I was under the false impression that the baby growing inside me would not require my participation in the maternity clothing craze. Well I couldn't hold out any longer -- my pre-prego pants just weren't cutting it any more. Which is pretty sad considering all the cute spring clothes that were waiting to make their annual appearance back in my wardrobe.

And my jeans... I so miss how comfortable they were!

So I bit the bullet and dragged Scott out on a full day of shopping. He was a trooper, and waited patiently while we trekked across the mall, and then the city, to find some cute clothes that actually fit. And I must say, this is no easy task. Very few stores carry maternity clothes, and those that do don't exactly have a great selection. And don't get me started on H&M. For all the hype, I just didn't get it. After 10 minutes in the store I wanted strangle the next tween that bumped into me.

Fortunately, I found a few items to get me started, but I still have a long way to go. All day Sunday was spent cleaning out the closet, so there is plenty of room avaialbe for any new items. I have enlisted Katrina to go with me next week to check out some more stores and we will see just how much money I can get away with spending! (And I still need to find some jeans!)


  1. you should check out Target! I am always impressed by their cute maternity clothes. In fact, once I came thisclose to buying a maternity jacket bc it was just too adorable but in the end, I really just couldn't bring myself to wear maternity clothes when I'm actually NOT pregnant. one day:)

  2. I second that on Target... and I am also guilty of almost buying a maternity piece without being pregnant.

    As far as shopping, I think we definitely found some cute things today, even if it took us 6 hours. You're right, it is a lot more difficult to find maternity clothes than I would have thought (compared to how many options the rest of us are blessed with!). However, now we know the location of nearly every maternity clothing and baby store in the Triangle :-) I'm excited to find out the sex and begin picking out things for Baby Dozier! See, I told you I'd be a cool, fun aunt!

  3. Finding maternity clothes is a serious challenge. Eventually a woman figures out that the selections are limited, cost ridiculous, and quality marginal. So, save your items that work and are durable and share with other pregnant friends. Save for future pregnancies. Clothes swapping is wise. A few trusted and favorite garments is all you need. Launder more. Don't get too much as the body changes quickly. Have just a few items in different sizes for different stages. You will wear some items for a short while after the baby arrives. Simple dresses are ideal for warmer weather. Easy when you have to go to the bathroom a lot. Words of advice from a seasoned pregnant lady!