Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Too many decisions

I'm not the best at making decisions. Even choosing a place to eat lunch can stress me out.

Obviously the decision to start a family was a big one, and something we took very seriously. When the time was right, we knew it, and I think we're as ready as we will ever be. On the downside, it never crossed my mind just how many choices we'd have to make in preparation of our little girl's arrival.

So far I think we've handled it pretty well.

We took a trip last weekend to High Point to purchase nursery furniture, and had a wonderfully successful day at FurniturelandSouth. I'd highly recommend making the trip there if you ever need to furnish a room, or house, or just need inspiration. It's a full day's work, but completely worth it. We left with a little less money in the bank, but a room full of the most adorable, girly, built-to-grow furniture. I suppose you could call the look French country -- fitting for a little Dozier princess -- and believe it or not, her daddy picked it out.

I can tell this girl's going to be spoiled. I asked Scott what he would do if she got tired of it by age 10 and wanted something new. He said he would get her new furniture then, if that's what she wanted. Oh boy, lucky girl! If my daddy had been that lenient I would have had a pony by the time I was 7.

And I got the bedding also! Watermelon pink and lime green... so I guess our theme is French country meets Palm Beach. We'll see how that works out; I cannot wait to get to work on this room.

Next major hurdle -- what to name our little spoiled one. I'm not sure where to begin. Hopefully we will be able to decide on something before she graduates from college.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's a girl!

Healthy, perfect and so beautiful. We cannot wait to meet her :)

Send your prayers to her Daddy -- his girls are about to take him to the bank!

Friday, May 7, 2010

The wait is killing me...

Everyone keeps asking if we will find out the sex of our baby. Apparently some people don't know me as well as they think -- why would we NOT find out? I am such an anal, OCD, Type A planner that I'm not sure I could ever pass up the opportunity to know something ahead of time if at all possible!

So yes, Tuesday is the day. 11:20 a.m. to be exact. However, Scott will tell you that means after an hour of waiting in a tiny room at the doctor's office we will be graced with a 30 second visit by one of the 43 doctors who work there -- so it may be closer to 12:30 p.m. before we actually find out.

Anyways, the anticipation is building up inside me and it occured to me the other day that I haven't been waiting to know the sex of this baby for 19.5 weeks, I've been waiting my entire life. I think every little girl, from the moment she recieves her first baby doll, dreams about having a real one of her own someday. (Or, as my parents will tell you, I apparently had grand visions of bathing said baby in the tub -- head first in the water and held by the ankles.)

And I have always wondered if I will be graced with a beautiful little princess or a handsome little man. Scott is now openly favoring a boy (I think he wants a permanent XBOX partner) and as fate would have it, I'd pretty much love a girl -- mainly because of all the cute girly clothes available. Either way, we will be blessed -- we just pray for a healthy, happy, loving child. We shall see what happens -- and you can give our website poll your best guess too....

Sunday, May 2, 2010

De-cluttering our lives

Those of you who know me well understand my fear of clutter. While I love nice things (and there are quite a few of them out there for the taking), I've been feeling the need to get rid of anything lying around that doesn't serve a specific function. The lack of storage space in our home certainly plays a role in this -- and as the weeks go by I am realizing more and more that we are about to be one closet short. And no doubt will be accumulating a lot more stuff in the process.

It was to my great delight when I came home tonight from trip number 2 to the mall for maternity clothes -- and no, I didn't buy too much stuff! -- and found Scott had actually gone through an entire box of stuff and thrown away the clutter! I am not only amazed that my craziness has rubbed off on him, but am entirely grateful for the fact that I now have a devoted partner in my mission to achieve peace in our home. I think we might need to put a box in the garage labeled "Goodwill" and just start throwing stuff in there at random.

And then there is my mom -- God bless her -- who seeing my need for help, offered to take all those unwanted travel mugs away (you know, corporate logo-embossed junk that you feel bad throwing away, but have no use for).

Now, on top of the physical clutter in my life, I'm feeling the strong need to de-clutter myself. Time to let go of all the things that have been making me crazy. I've wrapped up my humongous Junior League project, and I'm ready to start slacking off on my housewifely duties. It is time for me to buckle down and devote the next five months to staying healthy, kicking ass at my job, and preparing for the new addition to our family. Those are my priorities. I'm letting all the other stuff go -- so if you come and visit, don't expect to see an immaculate home, I just can't do it anymore!

Any other tips on how to de-clutter my life will be greatly appreciated...