Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Too many decisions

I'm not the best at making decisions. Even choosing a place to eat lunch can stress me out.

Obviously the decision to start a family was a big one, and something we took very seriously. When the time was right, we knew it, and I think we're as ready as we will ever be. On the downside, it never crossed my mind just how many choices we'd have to make in preparation of our little girl's arrival.

So far I think we've handled it pretty well.

We took a trip last weekend to High Point to purchase nursery furniture, and had a wonderfully successful day at FurniturelandSouth. I'd highly recommend making the trip there if you ever need to furnish a room, or house, or just need inspiration. It's a full day's work, but completely worth it. We left with a little less money in the bank, but a room full of the most adorable, girly, built-to-grow furniture. I suppose you could call the look French country -- fitting for a little Dozier princess -- and believe it or not, her daddy picked it out.

I can tell this girl's going to be spoiled. I asked Scott what he would do if she got tired of it by age 10 and wanted something new. He said he would get her new furniture then, if that's what she wanted. Oh boy, lucky girl! If my daddy had been that lenient I would have had a pony by the time I was 7.

And I got the bedding also! Watermelon pink and lime green... so I guess our theme is French country meets Palm Beach. We'll see how that works out; I cannot wait to get to work on this room.

Next major hurdle -- what to name our little spoiled one. I'm not sure where to begin. Hopefully we will be able to decide on something before she graduates from college.

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