Monday, July 5, 2010

And we shall call her...

After months of contemplating the perfect name for our little girl, we finally have chosen a winner:

Madelyn Elizabeth Dozier!

Finding a name was a lot more challenging than either of us anticipated, and we quickly discovered that the book of 100,0001 names we've been searching through didn't contain all that much we found to be appealing. We knew we wanted something that sounded feminine, and also classic. And then Scott was determined to have her name end in 'lyn, so that didn't leave many choices. We both loved the name, and when one day my Mom suggested it out of the blue I knew it was the right one. It was important to us to be 100 percent sure before telling the world, so we've been sitting on it for awhile... but we're so excited to finally talk about her like she's a real human being, not just a possibility.

For those of you who are interested, the name Madelyn holds no real significance in meaning to us. It literally means "woman from Magdala, or woman of the high tower." And no, we do not plan on calling her Mady, but I suppose people still will at times. Elizabeth, is a great name for us to honor both sides of our family. My sister's middle name is Beth, and Scott's grandmother was Bessie -- both variations on the name Elizabeth. And we felt it flowed perfectly.

So there you have it... less then three months to go before we meet Madelyn! And my third trimester begins in two days. Time sure does fly...


  1. Welcome to the blog world - love the name, it's beautiful!

  2. Very nice! Congrats to you and the hubby!