Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good fortunes

"Do not give up; the beginning is always the hardest."

So read Scott's fortune cookie from PF Chang's last night. We love this place -- I personally could eat there every night and not get bored. And the fortune cookie was right on the money. This having a baby thing is a lot more work then I know we ever imagined, and we're not even officially a family of three yet! Four more weeks to go, or maybe less (since everyone seems to think I won't make it to my due date of Sept. 29).

I haven't yet figured out which part of preparing for this baby is the most challenging. But most likely it's the unknown. An obsessive planner by nature, it is absolutely killing me to not be able to anticipate the exact moment of Madelyn's arrival. I'd really prefer she sent me an Outlook calendar meeting request for when she plans on making her debut, that way I can plan accordingly. I suppose that is why I am convinced she will be here right on time. I have so much faith in my little one... we shall see if she cooperates!

And speaking of cooperation, the good news to announce is the my little angel has apparently accepted my bribe that her daddy will buy her jewelery if she turned in the right direction and settled in head down. Poor Scott now has another girl to buy diamonds for (oops!). We are very relieved that she is behaving, and I'm super excited that my chances of having a less complicated birth have increased. Now if only she would stop kicking me in the ribs!

We're feeling pretty well prepared at this point (or at least as prepared as we can be) and it is exciting to think that after nine long months we're almost ready to meet our daughter! My sweet friends at work threw us a shower today, complete with ice cream sundaes, and have graciously helped us purchase our final major item -- the pack 'n play. It feels so good to have things in order. Now my biggest problem is finding time to write all these thank you cards! I'll take that as my biggest problem any day!

So, what was my fortune? "You are a lover of words, someday you should write a book." Ironically, that was one of the things on my 'things to do before I turn 30 list.' We might have to push this back to 40, but still, someday I will write that book! For now the blog will have to suffice....

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  1. Arielle, It is such a delight to read your blog about your pregnancy and how life unfolds. When "little one" arrives you and Scott with surely be extrememly busy, but if you can continue to write it will be a treasure for your family for many years to come... You inspire me to do meet the challenge of writing a "nana" blog!