Monday, September 20, 2010

Growing girl

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of diaper changes, endless nursing sessions and sleepless nights. They have also been the best two weeks of my life! I am amazed every day at my beautiful daughter, and am already finding myself torn between wanting to see how she changes and wanting her to remain my tiny little baby forever. We love this girl so much, and although she threw us off course by arriving four weeks early, every day we've had with her has given us another blessed moment.

We just got back from Madelyn's two-week check in with the pediatrician. We've been taking her to Raleigh Children and Adolescents, and have been so impressed with the doctors and the staff at both their Rex and Brier Creek locations. Today she got high marks from Dr. Fletcher, for both her weight gain (a full pound since the last visit 10 days ago!) and for her exceptional baby skills. Our little advanced one is already grasping with her tiny fingers, focusing on objects, holding her head up and is on her way to rolling over. I dare say I feel overwhelmed with pride -- almost as much as when Maggie graduated from doggie school. Hopefully Madelyn retains her new-found knowledge more than her furry sister did!

I am so thankful that we have one more week with Daddy around before he goes back to work. I really dread next Monday -- it will be so sad to not have his company during the weekdays. For now, we are going to enjoy these moments as a family, even if it does mean subjecting him to another full week of sitting on the couch in front of TLC. How he hasn't gone crazy yet, I'm not sure. But he is a much more patient man than I ever gave him credit for, and I'm so happy he is the father of my child! We are very lucky indeed...

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  1. Arielle,
    It is such a delight to read your posts about your pregnancy, Madelyn's birth, and the joys and challenges of becoming new parents.... Thank you so much for taking the time to write and share your experiences, hopes, and dreams. Your literary chronicle will be a timeless treasure for all who love you and Scott and your family.
    Great news that Madelyn had such an impressive check up with the pediatrician today! It doesn't surprise me given how carefully and lovingly you and Scott tend to your new daughter! After seeing the three of you in action last weekend, the obvious love, devotion, and maturity Madelyn's parents consistently demonstrated explained how such a little baby could already be so securely attached to her mom and dad! You have no idea what a very lucky girl Madelyn is to have such wonderful parents... You and Scott should be very proud of all that you have done to nurture and support your new daughter and each other... Your effort and hard work will pay off... Love you so very much..... MOM XO