Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Time flies when you're having fun

It has been on my mind lately to tend to our blog. I even typed out an entry a month or so ago, only to get distracted half way through. (I imagine someone began crying.) And of course it never did get completed. Now I'm not even sure what I was writing about! So I noticed that I neglected the entire month of October -- and now seeing as November is wrapping up I figured I might finally update everyone on how life has been thus far.

The number of 'firsts' for our little Madelyn grows daily. She had her first bath, rolled over for the first time, gave her first big smile, took her first out-of-town trip and even celebrated her first Halloween. (Although she looked awful cute in her bee costume, she did not make it trick-or-treating!)

Madelyn dressed up for the State-ECU game.  Go Pack!
Her two-month doctor's appointment went fairly well. Dr. Gessner continues to be impressed with her growth, both physically and developmentally. We are now around the 15th percentile in weight and length (not too bad for being born a whole month early), and Madelyn's baby skills are very good. She holds her little head up like a pro, reaches for her toys and is currently trying to master sucking her thumb. At her check-up, she was measuring 23.5 inches and weighed in at almost 10 pounds!

Madelyn continues to amaze us every day. I knew I would love my baby very much, but never realized just how much I could be captivated by such a little girl. She has such a cheerful disposition and is very charming. Her little laugh makes our hearts melt, and I have never been so happy in my life as I am right now. Obviously we are still very much lacking in the sleep department, but still, very thankful and very blessed. Now if only one of her new firsts will be a full-night's sleep, our lives will be spectacular! The record currently stands at a solid 6.5 hours of sleep during the night, which is fantastic, yet not consistent. Sometimes we only get 2 hours at a time.

I seriously cannot believe how fast these past three months have gone by. Next week, I will be returning to work already! Twelve weeks seems like a long time at first.... Part of me is ready to go back, as I've missed my friends, and I'm sure my brain could stand some stimulation in forms other than trying to count hours between feedings and number of poopey diapers in a day. On the other hand, I am so sad to leave my little friend! I know she will be in excellent hands -- Nana will be staying with her two days a week, and we will have a sitter for the third. Of course, her Mama will be with her the rest of the time! We are so lucky to have the opportunity for such a great arrangement, and we will see how things go.

Celebrating my Great-Grandaddy's Poultry Hall of Fame award!
All in all, parenthood has been amazing so far. I don't regret deciding to expand our family one bit, even during the worst of our sleepless nights. We're looking forward to celebrating the holidays with family, and will continue to count each and every blessing and savor every moment with our baby!